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26 Sep

No Need for Business to Have Opening Licence, says Town Halls

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Opening Licence

With the down turn in the property market, together with the recession, both the Malaga and Fuengirola town halls have made a bold move in removing the requirement for an opening licence on many local businesses in an effort to stimulate the economy. With the new requirements in force and covering a wide range of commercial activities, areas of catering, sport, leisure and culture have been omitted and these businesses must still fulfil the requirement of an opening licence.

Normally, local businesses had to obtain an opening licence from the town hall before trading could begin. This process would normally cost anything up to 300 Euros and take a long time to process, thus halting new local businesses from opening and offering new jobs to the communities.

Now, Malaga's requirement is simply the presentation of a declaration of responsibility, together with copies of relevant documents such as a property rental agreement or 'escritura'. There is no fee or waiting time involved and trading can begin as soon as the documents are delivered. However, as per usual, the officials from the town halls will still continue their inspections of the business and should any problems arise, they will be declared to the business owner, who is at their best interest to sort any problems out immediately.

The general vibe on the streets is that the new move is a positive sign and good for new businesses. Included in this new requirement are shops, motor dealers, doctors, vets, warehouses, driving schools and many others, but excluded are bars, restaurants, discos, cinemas, theatres and more.

In Fuengirola, the town hall is due to enact a similar policy to the one in Malaga. Local officials have also confirmed that this new policy is in line with the EU directive, who wants to help and improve the process for new business opening, thus having a “positive” knock-on effect for the community.