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10 Sep

Marbella’s New PGOU Plan Approved: More Land Available Then Ever Before

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Marbella PGOU

After many years of waiting the new Marbella PGOU Urban Plan was finally approved on Friday, 29th January 2010 by COTUA, the Andalucia Territorial Planning Commission.

Even though exceptions have had to be made in order to pass the new PGOU, the fact remains that there will never be a better time to buy land in and around Marbella or have the most choice of available plots of land that have now become legal under the new PGOU Urban Plan. With building regulations and order being brought back to Marbella, prospective buyers can now finally buy with confidence and knowledge, plots of land in Marbella whereby all information of what can be developed, what is the zoning, and is it legal can be all known upfront.

Coupled together with the recession, the PGOU has provided a rare opportunity for potential buyers by having a much wider selection of land available then before and at more competitive prices. In additional, local building contractors have seen a huge decline in their work, it certainly could be cheaper to build now, then ever before.

With Marbella being the jewel in the crown for the Costa del Sol, many other town councils all over the province have also been suffering from the town planning problems. With the passing of the new PGOU, other town councils, local governments and the people who call Marbella home and now looking at this jewel to lead the Costa del Sol out of recession.

Exceptions have had to be made in order to pass the new PGOU, by excluding the 500 or so illegal properties which have been built on land that was destined for other uses, and the decision on whether to demolish these certain properties being left to the Courts. Included in this figure are the 297 homes in Banana Beach, 50 in Rio Real Golf, 30 in Torrevigía and another 50 in urbanisations outside the plan.